Friday, April 11, 2014

Product Review & Haircuts

It is now spring in Korea, which means rain, which means the dreaded humidity that us curly headed people loathe. I've been using my Carol's Daughter still (boyfriend's mama sent me some more, she's the best!), but it's not quite cutting it. So my best friend recently sent me a package, and apart from her other lovely gifts, she included this magical product.

My best friend has straight hair, but she dyes it a lot and she uses this. I, however, had never tried it and had no idea it was good for curly hair! So when I get out of the shower, I squeeze as much water out of my hair as possible. Then I put in my Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding, as usual. After letting it dry a little more (so it's no longer dripping), I put in the R&B. Aahh it has made my curls so much softer and less frizzy, I love it! 

Post-shower. Still not sure what to do with these stupid bangs. 

My little "trick" (if you could call it that? Probably not groundbreaking) to make my hair a little fuller is to just flip it over and rub my scalp. 

Alors, voilĂ .

It has definitely done wonders for my kitchen, which is usually frizz-tastic and I just give up on it. No longer!


So yes, totally recommend this! It keeps my curls soft and together while not being greasy or crunchy. I can go without washing my hair for a few days and it's totally fine. It also has a pleasant smell, kind of like orange blossoms and jasmine. A little musky, but nice.

In addition, I've been doing the no shampoo method the past few weeks and I think that has also been a big help. I've been trying to steer clear of heat products, so I haven't straightened my hair in about a month. But I can see my curls have become much more consistent since I've laid off tampering with my hair in general. Note: I do use a little shampoo every few days, since I have a bit of psoriasis on the back of my scalp so I just put a dap of special shampoo there.

One thing I would really love though is a haircut. I'm trying to grow out my hair, so I'm not ready for one just yet, but the longer it gets, the curlier it gets (odd but true). But I'd like some more volume and I think some layers would help, buuuut I'm very wary about haircuts. Most places do not know how to cut curly hair and I find that really frustrating. My hair is thick and curly, and I like it that way. But usually when I get a haircut, the stylist assumes I want it thinned out and/or they cut the layers way to short and it looks awful.  I especially am skeptical of getting it cut in Korea, since all Koreans have natural straight hair or they perm it so....I think I'll be holding out for a haircut until I get back stateside.

 I've heard good things about Ouidad's Climate Control Gel, and I'm eager to try it. Especially since the summer in Asia is like being inside a sauna, so I'm not sure R&B is enough to keep my hair from losing its mind. I may order some from Sephora, stay tuned.