Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Hair Woes

So as of late, I have been straightening my hair a lot. It's winter here in Korea, so when I leave my hair curly, it gets all kinds of frizzy and horrible. I don't know if it's because the air is really dry or what, but I have been straightening a lot, much to my chagrin (because I have no heat protector spray and I don't want a million split ends ugh). But last night I washed it, and didn't put any product in it, just went to bed. Woke up this morning with my curls like this.

They feel pretty smooth but....

The bottom of my hair, or cocina, as they say, is all sorts of coarse. I don't have any product in, but even with product it is like this. It is the curliest part of my hair but also the most prone to frizz. 

Whenever I have looked for information on way to protect my hair, I have a hard time getting info for my specific hair type. Most my hair is in the 3A range, but my cocina is almost as coarse as a 4 level curl. A lot of tutorials I find are for WoC with 4A-C curl types, and my hair doesn't quit have the same hold to it. 

How do you guys manage this part of your hair? How do you manage it in the winter? Do you put it up? I've got a million scarves, I've been thinking about doing some more protective hairstyles.